New-generation medical devices and disposables

LD Medical Devices’s core competencies include Maxillofacial surgery and dental implantology, Surgical sutures and wound care treatment (including Burns treatment and diabetic foot ulcers).

Luc De Myttenaere – CEO


Products and since may 2017 we started our new Air Purification division.


100 % Product satisfaction and excellent customer service.

5 Years

5 years of sales and marketing distribution.

AIRsteril ®

Eliminate offensive odours and control infections in washrooms, offices, healthcare environments, gymnasiums, cinemas, schools, waste processing plants, auditoriums, dentists and other enclosed spaces with AirSteril air purification equipment.

Medical Bags

Our medical bags are ergonomically built to a high and prestigious quality. Infection prevention is a key build principle. We offer a range of specialised medical bags including: Thermal bags, Universal medical bags and Emergency medical bags.


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