Install AirSteril® in any size enclosed space and you will:

  •     Eradicate offensive odours
  •     Control infections and improve healthcare
  •     Improve overall environment for staff, visitors, residents and customers
  •     Enhance your public image
  •     Cut cleaning costs
  •     Cut contamination down time
  •     Reduce staff absenteeism
  •     Comply with regulations

In business, offensive odours can affect sales and profit, in healthcare they can attract poor CQC reports. Standard cleaning procedures offer only temporary solutions. As soon as an area is cleaned and then re-used, bacteria return and grow at a rapid rate bringing the smells back until the next cleaning session. Fragrances use chemicals to mask odours – they do not remove the causes of the odours.

Eliminate offensive odours and control infections in washrooms, offices, healthcare environments, gymnasia, cinemas, schools, waste processing plants, auditoria, dentists and other enclosed spaces with AirSteril air purification equipment.

Offensive odours are created by bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the air. Many infections and viruses are spread by aerosol processes. Moulds and fungi are also carried in the air, damaging buildings and causing respiratory complaints. What’s more bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi carried in contaminated air are deposited on exposed surfaces making enclosed rooms very unhygienic for most people.

AirSteril is an innovative technology which guarantees to eliminate odours and control infections in all enclose spaces without the use of chemicals or filters.

It does this by killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi found in the air and on exposed surfaces.


Freshen rooms, eliminate pet odours and control infection in your home the professional way with AirSteril.

AirSteril (UK) Limited specialises in air purification solutions. Our aim is to help you improve the quality of air in enclosed spaces by cutting odours and eliminating bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi in the air and on surfaces.